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Withdrawal Letter

A withdrawal letter is basically written by an employee or a person when he wants to withdraw from a position or decision. It is very common these days and is written in a very formal way. Letter proves to be the best mode of communication when a person needs to communicate something to a person. Though technology has improved letters prove to be a formal way of communication in companies and offices. If you need to write a withdrawal letter then you can very well check the below mentioned sample.

Here are some of the helpful tips to write a Withdrawal Letter

  • Do not make grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Write the letter in a neat format without jumbling situations
  • Keep the language of the letter formal
  • The language ought to be simple so individuals don’t notice it troublesome to browse
  • Provide details like contact variety and address exactly
  • Provide all relevant data regarding your contact

Withdrawal Letter Sample







Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written)






Subject: Withdrawal Letter

Dear Sir,

I had written a letter to you a month back which stated that I would be taking VRS i.e. voluntary retirement service. Now after a deep thought and discussion with my family I feel the decision that I had taken then was not proper at the moment. Thus I want to withdraw from my decision. I hope you support me in this decision. Also I want you to carry out the necessary formalities that have to be done in order to withdraw from VRS.

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused as I had taken my decision then in haste. Once again thanking you for everything and I hope the formalities would be done very soon. Till then, thanking you sir.

Thanking You,


Yours truly,

Name and Signature

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