Withdrawal Letter

A Withdrawal Letter is the one where an individual decides to take her/his name off from an offer that s/he had earlier made. It could be withdrawal from the college elections or from a volunteer’s list or withdrawal of a child from a school/college, etc.

It necessarily does not mean that there is a negative connotation attached to any withdrawal. It could be because of lot of reasons. The parents get transferred to another city/country so they withdraw their child from the school/college s/he is currently attending. Because of interest in certain things say for example, blood donation camp, an individual volunteered to help the agency. But due to some unavoidable reasons s/he is unable to help so s/he decides to withdraw the name from the list.

A Withdrawal Letter however always has some guilt attached to it. So it should be very carefully worded. The letter should be short and precise and should very comfortably be able to convey the reason for the withdrawal. The language in the letter should be simple for it to be easily understood by all, irrespective of her/his command over the language. In a Withdrawal Letter it is very important that it is addressed to the person in-charge of that area/field. For example, if the letter is being given to withdraw a child from school, then it should be addressed to the Principal of the school.

The letter should always begin with an apology followed by the reason for withdrawal. It should in no way sound authoritative as the writer is asking for a favor from the reader while requesting a withdrawal. So the tone should be of immense gratitude.


  • The letter should be short and precise
  • Language used should be simple and easily understood by all
  • It should always be addressed to the concerned person to avoid any ambiguity or miscommunication
  • The Withdrawal Letter should always start with an apology followed by the reason for withdrawal
  • All efforts should be made to ensure that the withdrawal is happening as per the rules and regulations of the institute
  • Always leave your contact details if you the institute/organization needs to contact you
  • The tone of the letter should not be of authoritative in nature but should be of gratitude
  • The effective date of withdrawal should very clearly be mentioned in the letter


(This is a letter to withdraw one’s name from the volunteer list for the blood donation camp)

Your name

Your address

Blood Donation Camp’s in-charge name

Blood Donation Camp’s address


Subject: Withdrawal from volunteer’s list

Dear Ms/Mr _____________

With deep regret I would like to inform you that I am withdrawing my name from the volunteer’s list for the blood donation camp being held on ___________ (date).

I have been running fever for the last few days and have given my blood for testing. I await the results of the blood test. I understand that blood donation is very noble and I for any reason do not want to spread the infection to the others. Therefore, it is my moral responsibility to ensure the health of the others.

I would like to sincerely apologize for this once again and assure you that I will volunteer again next time when the camp is held.

Thanking you for the consideration.

Best regards,

Your name

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