Sample Apology Letter for Stealing

Dear Sir,

I am extremely sorry for stealing the cash from your drawer yesterday. I know what I have done is wrong on my part. I had an urgent requirement of paying my mother’s medical bill and I couldn’t stop myself to steal the money. I know if I had asked you would have given it as loan but I don’t know why I behaved in such a way.

I know you can never forgive me for such a behavior as you had immense trust on me and after being in the office for two years I behaved like this, still I urge you to forgive me and I assure you that I will never take such a step ever in future. Please forgive me and give me another chance to prove myself.

I sincerely apologize and regret my action and would like to promise that such incident will not be repeated and will not resort to such inappropriate behavior.


Your name


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