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Apology Letter for The Loss Of Order

This letter is address to the senior or head of the respective department. By writing this letter any of the higher authority member apologies for the inconvenienced caused to the receiver due to his company. Hence it is a formal letter should be written in a polite and professional manner. Letter should show that company is truly apologies for that problem and won’t repeat such mistake in future.

Mrs. Kimberly J. Ray

Director-Raymond Association Pvt. Ltd

2842 Bedford Street

Centreville, AL 35042

06 September, 2010


Dear, Mrs. Kimberly

This is to inform you with reference to your purchase order number 456 which you have placed for 1000 containers on dated 1st September, 2010 that this order is been cancelled from our board of director’s. The shipment for ordered goods is delayed from 15th September, 2010 to 15th October, 2010. Hence we cannot deliver the ordered goods on time thus our board of director’s has taken up a decision to cancel the order. You have already made a payment of Rupees Fifty Lakhs for the ordered goods. Therefore we are repaying your amount back and along with this letter attached envelop is the pay cheque.

I Mr. David J. Elmore hereby apologies to you for the loss and inconvenience occurred to you because of us. I hope you will consider our sincerity and try to accept our apology. As you are our valued customers your satisfaction is our primary concern. Hope to do best business with you in future.

Yours truly,

Mr. David J. Elmore

Customer Service Manager-Gold Enterprises Pvt. Ltd

4019 Fowler Avenue

Norcross, GA 30071

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