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Sample Apology Letter

Lynn Johnston has put it so appropriately “An apology is the super glue of life. It can repair just about anything.”

When one feels sorry for something that one shouldn’t have done, an Apology Letter can be written and believe me it will work wonders. Most people do not make mistakes on purpose. An Apology Letter is a letter that is written to acknowledge a mistake and ask for forgiveness for the same. An Apology Letter should always be written when the writer is genuinely sorry. The reader is also, in most cases, a mature individual and will for sure be able to read between the lines if it is not a genuine apology. Asking for an apology does not make the writer any smaller than the reader who will be forgiving.

An Apology Letter should not sound rude or authoritative or as if the writer is doing a favor by asking for an apology. The letter should be short and crisp. It should clearly state the reason why an apology is being asked for, as it will become easier for the reader to relate. The language used in the letter should be simple and easy to understand for the reader. Usage of difficult words may put the reader on a weaker footing. There is no need to make the Apology Letter public, i.e. there is no need to tell anyone else that an apology is being asked for, as it is very personal only between the writer and the reader.


  • An Apology Letter should only be for the benefit of the reader and should not be made public
  • The language used in the Apology Letter should be simple and effort should be made to ensure that it is easily understood by the reader
  • An Apology Letter should be short and crisp
  • It should not sound authoritative
  • The flow of the Apology Letter should feel genuine
  • The Apology Letter should clearly indicate the reason why it has been written
  • There is no need for a subject line in an Apology Letter as it actually is not official as there is no need to keep a record of it
  • A personally handed over Apology Letter does definitely have an edge and a better impact than a letter sent by post or mail
  • If it is personally given then there is no need to write the name and address of the reader also in the letter. The content of the letter can just start off


Date: _____________

Dear ____________ (name of the person from whom an apology is being asked)

I would like to apologize for my inappropriate behavior in the meeting yesterday. I should not have done that in front of your team members and should have controlled myself. I should have given you the same feedback in a politer way once the meeting had been called off. I realized my mistake that very moment but I could not take my words back then.

I am sure you would understand and forgive me for my reckless behavior. I hope that this one off incident will not affect our relationship!

Once again please accept my sincere apologies.


_____________ (Name of the person who is apologizing)

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