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Personal Apology Letter

In the heat of the moment we sometimes say some words that we do not mean to speak under normal circumstances. Between two friends this type of situation may create distances, resulting in a breakup. Here a friend is apologizing for his behavior with his friend.

Here is a sample personal apology letter:


Steven Johnson

House no- 50,

Orchid Apartments,

New York


Ronald Trump

Apple Appt.

Flat #106,

Park Street,

New York

20th June 2010

My dear Ronald,

I know that you will view my letter in an aggressive mood. Before I continue with the letter, I would like to apologize for my obnoxious behavior. I should have not been so rude to you. You were doing your utmost to solve the crisis in my life. It was not proper for me to have blamed you for the problems that I was facing.

But my friend, as you knows that I was not in control of my emotions. The situation was created in such a manner, that I thought that you were responsible for all the drama unfolding at the party. But after the party Tom gave me dressing down and made me aware of the reality. I am now ashamed of my behavior and do apologize for the same. I hope that you will forgive me and this episode will not break our friendship.

Waiting for your apology,

Your friend,


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