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Sample Apology Letter to Employee

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Dear     ,

I am sorry for not scheduling you for next week’s leave. I forgot about your request and now there are no leaves available. I   understand that these leaves were very important to you as you have to attend your sister’s marriage. And you have already booked the tickets I understand the inconvenience caused to you because of the error. I am trying to find a solution to this and spoke to the senior manager about it.I hope you understand that this wasn’t deliberately done. There were too many things on my mind for last three days as you are aware we were busy winding up the project and assessment .I got time today to go through my mails and realized about my mistake. I will make every effort to see that such mistake doesn’t happen in future. I really apologize for the inconvenience and I understand it must have been very frustrating for you at the last minute.

Please give me a days’ time and I will definitely get a solution to your problem and get your leave sanctioned. I know you have great plans for your sister’s marriage and o would want you to attend the marriage.

Sorry once again for all the inconvenience.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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