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Complain About Overdue Work

A complain about overdue work letter is written by an irate individual whose work has been stalled and the date of completion has either gone-by or fast nearing. This is also written to a seller if the date of delivery of goods is not adhered to without valid reasons for delay. Such delays usually occur due to ill-planning for the said service/delivery.

Here are some helpful tips to pen a Complain Regarding Deduction of Money letter:

  1. Start by mentioning about work you ordered and its date of completion as promised by service-provider.
  2. Specify exact delay in work which is still incomplete and the inconvenience it has caused.
  3. Mention that the reasons for delay are unacceptable.
  4. End by giving a revised date for completing the task failing which you will complain against him/her with Consumer Forum and request him/her to complete the work at the earliest.

Complain About Overdue Work Sample



Julia Gabrial

#21, High Towers

Palm Street



Mary Christi


Style-Your-Gown Store

Mall Street



Dear Mrs. Christi,


I had ordered my daughter’s wedding gown two months back with your boutique. I was promised that the same would be given for trials by 01September2013 after which you would make necessary alterations and deliver the completed piece by 10September2013.

It is 21September2013 today and we have still not completed the trials. My daughter’s wedding is on 04October2013 and I have very little time in hand. Your reasons quoted for the delay including unavailability of tailors, cost-hike and delay in procuring the fabric and so on are unacceptable.

I request you to make the delivery latest by 27September2013, failing which I will complain against you with Consumer Forum Department and claim demurrages for the extra expenditure I will incur for a last-minute purchase from another boutique.

I request you to understand my urgency, do the needful and oblige.

Thanking You

Julia Gabrial

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