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Complaint Letter

A Complaint Letter is written to lodge a formal complaint to the concerned authority about shortcomings in a particular service/ product or improper functioning as compared to that claimed by the provider/manufacturer.

A customer can claim a refund/ free repair from the concerned authorities especially if the product is under warranty. The complainant should preferably mention docket number if the complaint has been lodged earlier for reference of concerned authorities in the company.

  • Start by mentioning about item which has gone unserviceable and its warranty period. Mention date of purchase and location of store from where it was purchased.
  • Mention that you are enclosing relevant details of unserviceable item including the defective piece.
  • End by requesting company’s office to replace the faulty item in good time and mention your mailing address.

Complaint Letter Template

Use our free Complaint Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.

__________ (name of recipient)
__________designation of recipient)
__________ (name and address of company)

Date __________ (date f writing letter)

Dear Mr/ Mrs/__________ (recipient’s name)

A …. (mention item and its warranty period) which I purchased from your store …. (name the store and address) on ….(mention date of purchase) has become unserviceable within….(mention time lapse)  after its purchase.

I am enclosing herewith all relevant details including ….(mention proof of purchase you are enclosing) and the defective …(mention item).

I request your office to process my application and replace my faulty item with a new piece at the earliest and oblige. Please forward the courier to my mailing address … (mention postal address)

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely

__________ (your name)

Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Complaint Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format


Richard Davidson
Customer Care Supervisor
Samtil Systems
Windsor Avenue
Downing lane
New York

12 September 2013

Dear Mr. Davidson,

A Nomia 3010 mobile handset with a warranty of one year that I purchased from your store in Windsor Avenue on 10September2013 has gone unserviceable within a week of its purchase.

Since the service-staff from the store have certified that the piece is beyond economical repair and endorsed the same on the warranty card, I request you to replace the unserviceable set with a new one. I am enclosing herewith all relevant details about my purchase including copies of the receipt; warranty card and the defective handset as well.

I request your office to process my application and replace the faulty handset with a new piece at the earliest and oblige. Please forward the courier to my postal address as stated in the warranty card.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely


Russell Paul

Email Format

It is ideally very easy to complain about something or somebody but equally difficult to praise something or someone. And for anyone’s complaint to have the kind of impact it is expected to, one should be very choosy about complaining. A Complaint Letter is the one that is written when a customer or individual is not satisfied with a product or service of another company or person. It should be used as a very discretionary tool and should be well thought of before registering. A Complaint Letter is not where the writer can take off on blame game with the company whose product or service was dissatisfactory, but s/he should understand that this might be a one off situation of dissatisfaction.


Subject: Defective washing machine

Dear Ms./Mr. ___________

I had picked up a Washing Machine model _________ vide your Invoice number _________ dated _____________ from your ___________ (branch from where picked up).

When I ran the machine for the first time, I found that its water suction pipe was leaking. I would like you to please send your service staff member to take a look at the problem.

Please treat this matter as urgent and may I request you to please issue a Complaint Number to me for me to be able to use it for all my follow up calls.

Thanking you in anticipation and look forward to a quick repair.



Signature and name of the complainant

Complaint Letter Generator

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