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Complaint Letter

It is ideally very easy to complain about something or somebody but equally difficult to praise something or someone. And for anyone’s complaint to have the kind of impact it is expected to, one should be very choosy about complaining. A Complaint Letter is the one that is written when a customer or individual is not satisfied with a product or service of another company or person. It should be used as a very discretionary tool and should be well thought of before registering. A Complaint Letter is not where the writer can take off on blame game with the company whose product or service was dissatisfactory, but s/he should understand that this might be a one off situation of dissatisfaction.

A Complaint Letter should be very precise and to the point. It should clearly highlight what had been purchased or used and what is the reason for the dissatisfaction due to which a complaint has been registered. The language used in the Complaint Letter should be simple for everyone to be able to easily understand.

The subject line of the letter should clearly give the gist of the letter so that the reader knows before hand what s/he is going to read. A Complaint Letter should only talk about the specific complaint and the writer should not go on and on with a whole list of complaints. If there are too many reasons to complain, the writer should prioritize them in order of seriousness and then cover the one that is most grave.

Grammatical errors and language used should be carefully checked before giving the letter. It should preferably be sent either through courier or registered post so that it is easy to track its status with the company. A Complaint Number or Complaint Reference Number should always be insisted as that is the only way one can be sure that the complaint has been recorded. But one very important thing to remember is that any employee of the company whose product is being complained about should not be the target of criticism.


  • A Complaint Letter should be short and crisp
  • It should clearly give the reason for complaint in the subject line to prepare the reader what s/he is going to read on
  • A complaint should not be used as a medium to get at the company on everything that it deals in
  • A Complaint Letter should not get personal with any of the employees of the company whose product is being complained about as that employee is just the face of the company and not the company itself
  • If there are too many complaints, prioritize them in order of severity
  • A Complaint Number or Reference Number should always be insisted upon
  • To help trace the complaint to the product always mention the invoice number and date in the Complaint Letter


___________ (Name of the person who is complaining)

____________ (Address)

____________ (Email address/phone number)

____________ (Name of the person to whom the complaint is being addressed to)

____________ (Designation of the person whose name is written above)

_____________ (Name of the company s/he is representing)

______________ (Address of the company)

______________ (Date)

Subject: Defective washing machine

Dear Ms./Mr. ___________

I had picked up a Washing Machine model _________ vide your Invoice number _________ dated _____________ from your ___________ (branch from where picked up).

When I ran the machine for the first time, I found that its water suction pipe was leaking. I would like you to please send your service staff member to take a look at the problem.

Please treat this matter as urgent and may I request you to please issue a Complaint Number to me for me to be able to use it for all my follow up calls.

Thanking you in anticipation and look forward to a quick repair.


Signature and name of the complainant

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