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Complaint To a Landlord

Dear Sir,

This is to inform about the noise that comes from your flat. Since I am staying down stairs the sound hits hard. I understand that you have six and eight year old children and it’s not easy to force them from doing something but most of the time we hear something dragging or banging on the roof top. Which is very annoying? My wife has migraine ad she can’t bear such noise. It’s become an everyday affair and is intolerable. Please take care of this as my mom is very old and cannot bear such sound and needs to take rest. Your kids keep running on the terrace and the first floor which gives a very loud noise. I would suggest you to allow them to play in the ground floor or when in our lawn I would be happy to leave the gates open. I hope you understand my position and would bring some solution to it.

I hope you take it in a positive way and we do not have any offence to your kids but I am really facing problems with the loud noise. If it was not for my wife and mothers ailment I wouldn’t have bothered you.

I hope you will take care if this

Thank you for your time and consideration.



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