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teacher’s Goodbye Letter

Sometimes few students not only show an extraordinary performance but they also leave the marks of their sweet memories. A teacher’s goodbye letter is special when a teacher wants to encourage the students and wants to give them the best wishes for future.

Letters from teachers to students at end of year for the better performance of students can be encouraging to students and helps to build more confidence of students.

Here is a sample teacher’s goodbye letter:

24th June, 2010

Dear Riya,

Congratulations for the completion of your graduation with a good percentage. I am really very happy for you and wish you every success in life ahead.

As you are leaving the college and you might try for further studies or turn towards a good job, I want to bid adieu through this letter. I received your thank you letter and I am honored that I have such a high position in your life.

Being a teacher, it is always a pleasure to see the students on top of the world. Today through this letter I am not only saying bye to you but also like to share few things with you. To be a successful person you need to be honest and hardworking, as there is no short cut to success.

I know you and so I can say that you will set an example of true values in front of others. I am proud to have you as my student. I wish all the success to be at your door step.

With warm regards,

Your teacher,



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