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Christmas Letter to a Friend

Dear Name,

It’s been a long time, since I wrote to you .How is life? How is everything back home? How is uncle’s health now? Hope all is well at your end.

This year started on a good note for us, I and my family went for a trip to Bangkok. It was a wonderful experience and the family got a good time to spend together. I think it was last year’s Christmas blessings that the trip went on well. It’s been a long time, since I met you. Why don’t you make a visit to our house during this holiday season along with your family? I am sure kids would love it.

I heard that your brother __________ is getting married. It’s really great news and the girl’s family are our far of relative and are well respected in the community. I am sure you all must be happy about this after your brother’s divorce. I know he will have a wonderful life ahead and I hope I can make it to the marriage.

We would like to wish you a merry Christmas and New Year filled with surprises and blessings. May god protect you this festive season and shower you blessings the coming year.

Merry Christmas

Your name


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