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Donation Request Letter Template

Summary: This template example is a request from a company seeking a donation from another company for a charitable cause. The request for donation is specific with the cause and amount to be donated. The responding company will need to fill in the donation form as an indication of participation to the request.

Bruno McKay


22, Rue Marie De Médicis


Alan T. Thomas


General Leverage Ltd

19 Cantebury Drive
New York, NY 10013

June 18th 2010

Dear Mr. Thomas

Re: Request for granting Donation of $1000 for Orphanage Home Renovation

We, YoungAtHeart Events, are a reputed NGO that prides itself in looking out for the needy in our nation. Every year, YoungAtHeart will select a charity group to have its needs met through the cooperation of respectable corporations like General Leverage Ltd.

This year, we have identified an orphanage outside of the city whose building is in dire need of repairs. The 20-year-old building, which houses 18 children, stands in dilapidated condition.

As such, YoungAtHeart would like to request a donation of $1000 from General Leverage Ltd for the repair and renovation works on this orphanage building, so that the home will be more comfortable and conducive for the children’s development.

Should you agree to this cause, please fill in the attached donation form for the requested amount for further action.

Thank you.

Bruno McKay

YoungAtHeart Events

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