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Sales Letter Contact Customers

This is a kind of a letter which can be used as good sales letter to activate a deactivate customer account .if you know the reason you can apologize or else try to probe why the customer discontinued. In any case the tine of the letter should be courteous and respectful.

Dear customer.

You have been an extremely wonderful customer from past five years and we value your relationship. But from past six months we haven’t received any orders from your company. We are extremely sorry if we had not given you the best of service; please inform us what you would like us to do so that we can start out business together again.

We wouldn’t want to lose you and we would like to give our customers the best in the market. If you can give us the feedback why you aren’t placing orders and if you would like any changes in the product or the service please feel free to inform us so that we can work on that and supply you the products if your need. We have many newline of products now and are enclosing the brochures for you to have a look.

Please call us at this _____________ and we can discuss the prices and the quality of the product.

We hope to hear from you soon..

Yours sincerely.

Your Name

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