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Marketing Sales Letter

Dear customer,

You must be wondering what that sachet is all about which we have send along with this letter. Well let me first explain who we are. We _________ (name of the company) are pioneers in perfumes and now ventured in to new range of beauty products. We have a new range of shampoo from our company which you can try today and see a difference in your hair. Unlike other companies we don’t vouch that it will remove dandruff from hair thoroughly. You can use it and see to yourself the reaction. It consists of all natural herbal materials which doesn’t have any adverse effect on the hair. It doesn’t contain any chemical substance also. It is very mild and can also be used for children. The shine that you get after the use is very natural.

It not only smells good but also works the same way. The fragrance remains in the hair for at least 24 hrs a day. In addition to all this our prices are also reasonable.

If you want to know more about our beauty products please come to our outlets or call us at this number or you can also visit our website which is (website address).

Yours truly,

Your name,

Sales And Marketing Manager,

Company name.

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