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Sales and Marketing Letter

Summary: Sales and marketing letter is a combination for both the activites. Through this letter, you can market your product and you can sale it to upcoming and present clients. This letter serves two purposes at the time. Promote your services through this letter and also offer sales packages in the same.

Mr. Jerry A. Dunn

General Director,

Sun Telecom,

2525 Morgan Street
Pensacola, FL 32514

14th September 2010

Dear Mr. Dunn,

Aldos Mobile is a mobile phone service operator based in France. We have operations in a number of countries that include Canada, U.S., U.K., and UAE. The latest service launched by us is in India and we would be pleased to invite you to join our network.

We are offering a range of services from mobile phone services to provision of internet services. We offer competitive rates. With our network, clients could make phone calls from anywhere in India for lowest rates. No one has to worry over poor reception, as our modern equipment will make the necessary connection using different networks. No matter you, take telephone calls or you are browsing with your computer the speed will be there.

If you sign up with us during the next three months, you will get free calls from 6.00 in the evening to 12 midnight. In addition, we will provide you internet service at half price for two weeks. For more details, you could visit our website at www.aldosmobile.com

Yours faithfully,

Marketing Manager,

Aldos Mobile Company

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