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Sales Prospecting Letter

The market keeps fluctuating based on many factors such as economy, inflation, etc. This fluctuation makes the market either a sellers market or a buyers market. If it is a sellers market then companies have nothing to worry, as customers will hunt for them. But if it is a buyers market, companies need to be on their toes always to beat competition.

A Sales Prospecting Letter is a tool in the hands of the seller to bring about awareness of the very existence of the company as well as its wide range of products. This letter views all customers as prospects who, at some point in time, will use or buy the products of the company prospecting them for.


  • A Sales Prospecting Letter should primarily talk about a product in the light of the customer’s need
  • It should give all the aspects of a product, positive as well as not so positive in the light of the other competitive products
  • A Sales Prospecting Letter should in the first paragraph give an introduction to the company launching the product
  • The next paragraph should talk about the range of products the company has to offer
  • The following paragraph should then start talking about the one product that is being promoted
  • The second last paragraph is the one that gives the salient features of the product being talked about
  • The last paragraph in the letter should leave a number or email address to which the reader may be asked to write in case of any queries
  • How will the product benefit the reader should be an integral part of the letter
  • A Sales Prospecting Letter should not aim at demeaning the other companies offering similar products, as that is totally against the business ethics
  • This letter should preferably be sent in the names of individual prospective customers rather than a generic one to give it that personal touch
  • A Sales Prospecting Letter should be checked for any grammatical or punctuation errors
  • Since this is the first point of contact between the prospective customer and the company, the tone of the letter should never be dictatorial
  • The language of the letter should be simple to understand
  • A typed Sales Prospecting Letter is always a better option than a hand-written one primarily because if the writing is not easy to read then it may put off the prospective customer
  • Since this is a letter where an order may be given at the time of reading the letter itself, an order/service form with a pre-paid envelope should also be sent with the letter
  • Any offers that are being given by the company should also be given in the letter
  • Transparency of communication is very important. It is better to tell everything to the prospective customer than to keep them in the dark for any issues later


________________ (Name and address of reader)

_________________ (Date)

Subject: Launch of Spa/Gym in your locality

Dear Sir or Madam

We are proud to announce the opening of ____________ (name) that is a Spa cum Gym in your neighborhood. This is the second branch of our Spa cum Gym. Our first branch is located at _____________ (name of locality where they have 1st branch).

We offer both Spa and Gym facilities to our customers that may either be used as individual services or as a package service. Our rates for individual Spa service are Rs._________ per month, for Gym they are Rs._________ per month and for both as a package the charges are Rs.________ per month.

Our staff is trained under _____________ (brand under which they are trained) so we assure you of best services at reasonable prices.

We have attached a membership form for your comfort. Please feel free to call us at ____________ (number) or send us an email at ___________ and we will be glad to assist you.

We look forward to serving you to your utmost satisfaction.

Best regards,

(Name of signing authority)

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