Sample Invitation to attend an Exhibition Letter

Whenever you are holding an exhibition it is very essential to let people know about it. The invitation to attend the exhibition letter is the best way to invite people relating to the same industry. This letter acts as a personal request to other and is an affectionate way to enhance your contacts and business. One should keep in mind that all the essential information regarding the exhibition should be provide including the date, timings and venue of the event. One should be very attentive while writing this invitation to attend an exhibition letter. There should be no space for grammatical or spelling errors. The invitation to attend an exhibition letter should not be hand written. These letters should be in a humble tone and should show gratitude. The letter should be clear and concise and there should be no space for misunderstanding.

Tips For Writing An Invitation To Attend An Exhibition Letter

  1. The letter should be concise and clear.
  2. Grammatical mistakes should be avoided.
  3. The letter to address the exact person.
  4. All the information about the event should be relevant and clear.
  5. Letter should be in simple style and tone.
  6. The letter should have no place for misunderstandings.
  7. The letter should be typed and not hand written.


Invitation to attend an Exhibition Letter Sample:



Operation Head

Style Ltd.



Senior Sales Officer

Decor Style Ltd.

ABC Park Avenue


Sept 09, 2013

Dear Mr. Robert,

It is an honour for us to have a privilege to invite you at Home Style and Decor Exhibition. The venue of the exhibition is Expo house. The exhibition will be held on September 15 to20, 2013. The timings for the exhibition are from 9:00 in the morning till 8:00 in the evening.

This exhibition will surely benefit the visitors who want a unique style and decor of their home.

We will be pleased to see your presence in the exhibition.


Respectfully Yours,
Thomas Mint


Invitation to attend an Exhibition Letter Generator


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