Sample Invitation to attend an Exhibition Letter

Summary: You might have received many invitation letters to attend different ceremonies. Here, it is mentioned how to write an invitation letter to attend an exhibition with the help of an example. The letter should contain the details such as place, date, time etc, in which the events occur. This letter is important to send your business relations so that they can reach the exhibition on time.


(General Manager)
(Parvat companies Ltd.)


(Sales Manager)
(AML Mobiles Limited)
(18, Pretty Park)
(29th June, 2010.)

Dear (Mr. Ram),

It makes great happiness and pleasure for me to invite you to the AML Gadgets Expo, to be held in Sky way Park from 14th to 16th January, 2010. For the convenience of everybody, the timings have been arranged between 9.00 AM to 8.00 PM.

This exhibition’s objective is to provide an opportunity for everybody who is interested in AML gadgets to interact with one another. Our new products and demand in world wide market will also be shown in exhibition so please be the pasrt of this exhibiiton so that we can move to the successful venture together.

We look forward to meet you at the venue.

(Charu Gupta)

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