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Sales Letter – Used Car Sales Letter

Used car sales letters are generally written by the companies who offer sale of second hand cars. Through this letter the companies provides essential information about the desired product that can attract their customers and enhance their sale. These letters keep the base for the trust of the client and hence lead to good business deals. These letters tends to be beneficiary for both the clients and the companies. It should be kept in mind that correct information about the product is provided in the letter or else great misunderstandings can arise. These letters should be written with full attention and care so as to avoid post sales problems.

  1. Give the details about the product that is to be sold.
  2. The detail of the product should be genuine.
  3. Letter should be formal.
  4. There should be no place for misunderstanding.
  5. The letter should address the client correctly.
  6. Concise and appropriate language should be used.


Sales Letter – Used Car Sales Letter Template

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___________________ (name, designation of recipient and company’s name)



Dear Sir,

We at _________________________ (name of your company and details of business). We handpick the used cars (details of your product standards and your commitment). Purchasing a used Car_______________ (explain the benefit to the customer).

Your company provides____________________________ (show the need of the product and restate the benefits).  The used cars are best____________ (quote the advantages). We are looking forward for your consideration and will appreciate it.


_________________ (name of the company of the sender)




Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Sales Letter – Used Car Sales Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format


Sept 09, 2013

Robert Smith

Purchasing manager

ABC co. Ltd.


Dear Sir,

Purchasing a new car and in case of any problem hunting for the spare parts was the trend in past years. In addition to it the costs of such spare parts were also high.  The customers have now realised that it is wise to buy used cars. We at Ritz Motors have speciality in selling and buying used cars. We handpick the used cars and keep in consideration that they are good at use and are like new cars only.

Your company provides cars to employees in order to make them feel and work better.  The used cars are best for these purposes as they are more resistant and can travel fair distance at stretch. We are looking forward for your consideration and will appreciate it.


Ritz Motors




Email Format

Used car sales letter is written by those companies who provide second hand cars for sale. These companies can write those points in this letter, which can attract customers and can increase their sales. It will also increase the trust factor of clients and their sales will automatically be improved.

Dear Sir,

Buying a new car was the in thing during the past couple of years. The trend was short lived due to the shiny little cars gave very very often and spare parts being difficult to find. On top of it, the parts were expensive. Then the buyers of cars realized the value of used cars. We at North Motors do the buying and selling used cars as it is our specialty. These nearly new cars handpicked by us are just like new cars. In addition, if they need we do a bit of refurbishment too.

Your company buys cars to be given to your employees to make them to work better. As purchasing manager, you are involved in this activity. As you know, used cars come in handy for this kind of purpose, as they are able to cover long distances at a stretch. They are a more resistant to wear and tear. Your consideration will be very much appreciated.

North Motors Ltd.,



South Africa.


Sales Letter – Used Car Sales Letter Generator

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