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Notice of Termination Letter

Summary: A notice of termination letter is sent to a person who continues to do something wrong even after previous notice. The letter is sent to warn the person strictly. Any misbehavior of an employee, continuous poor performance, delayed performance or work can be the reasons for the termination. This letter is the best way to announce the decision taken by the management The below letter will give you a brief idea of framing such a letter.


Manager HRD & Admin

New York

Mingle Rolls Company

Letter No.1 /Admin/Termination/1/2010


Ms Jennifer Lawson

Administrative Executive

Dear Mr.Paul,

Sub: Notice of Termination of Services.

Ref:  Our Letter No 1/Warning/ dated 25-8-2010.

This is with reference to our earlier letter sent by the HOD, advising you not to take leave frequently without prior notice. Even after such advice, you seen to be taking leaves without formal approval, which is against the rules of the company.

Therefore, you are being warned that you will be terminated from your services without prior information from us if you continue to take leave without prior consent.

Please acknowledge receipt of this warning note.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Marshal

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