Rental Termination Letter

In this letter we would like to aware all the people of the area to donate some clothes and food for humanity. They should all contribute with heartily love and blessings for all the orphans.

Robert Davidson,

Fund raising committee member,

Three in one charity,

Dear Friends and Family,

You must be knowing that I am always been helping the three in one charity from last few years, We are working towards collecting some clothes and food for the poor who have always been staying on the stinky lanes of our country.

We all charity members will heartily like to plead you all to donate some of your old clothes which are not been used by you so that we can donate them to an Aastha orphanage this time.

Cash donation wont be accepted,  we would just like to get some clothes, food and some basic necessities. We plead you all to donate some thing munificently to all the orphans.

The further details for donation will be cleared out in our first consignment on 26th January 2010. Please make your donations well in advance with all your blessings. Looking forward for your all contributions for such a great cause.

Yours truly,

Robert Davidson

Three in one charity

Thank you.

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