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Tenancy Termination Letter

Writing a tenancy termination letter is a little difficult if you do not have the idea about the laws and clause. So you can take this letter as sample. When writing a letter keeps the language formal but concerned and the tone should be polite, also mentioned about the notice period and dues clearly in the letter.

Here is a sample tenancy termination letter:


Jerry Andrew
101 Third Avenue,
15th Street, Elmont,
New York


Rick Colbert
102 Third Avenue,
15th Street, Elmont,
New York

25th June, 2010

Dear Mr. Colbert,

This is to inform you that your tenancy term will not be renewed and it will be terminated by July 30th, 2010 which is also the end of our 3 years tenancy agreement. Please consider this letter as one month’s notice to vacate the house as per clause 5 of the agreement.

My son is coming back to New York and so I need the flat for his use. Before his arrival I want to make some changes as per his needs and for that I need time. I have already given the renovation contract and the company workers will start the work from 1st of August.

So, please make your due payments before 30th July. I know one month is not sufficient enough to find a new place but I a helpless about it as I recently came to know about my son’s plan and now have to manage everything. If you want I can give you some of my friends’ contacts who also rent their houses. You can give them my reference.

Regretting for inconvenience caused.

Thank You,

With Regards,
Jerry Andrew

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