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Termination Letter for Fraud

Summary: It is important to terminate people from companies and institutions if they have committed any fraud or theft. Offcourse if you will not bear such things with your business and termination is obvious reaction of yours. The job can be made easier by writing a letter to them with the following the below format:

Ms. Bella Reese


Richmond, Virginia


Ms Bella,

On the behalf of Regan Industries, I would like to inform you that your services are terminated due to the fraud committed by your team members. The entire team is being informed about the same and given a notice of dismissal and an action will be taken against them, including you.

Please know that the company in the Virginia state court has filed a case under the law 143 where if you are proved guilty, your assets would be taken over by the company and you will have to face legal consequences. The first consequence is your termination from the company and soon you will receive a legal notice mentioning a period for you to accept the crime you committed, else you will have to attend the court.

Thanking you.

Regan Industries

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