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Employee Thank You Letter


The intention of this letter is to congratulate and thank your employee who is a team head for finishing a tough project within the given time. It is meant to appreciate the individual efforts of the team head and the collective efforts of the team who have worked hard to meet the project deadlines. It also informs the benefits given by the senior management as a token of appreciation and encouragement.

Mr. Ross Jacob

Manager- Finance

Money Friend Financial Service Pvt. Ltd

Dear Ross,

This is to congratulate and thank you for your valuable contribution towards the completion of the financial project of Money Friend Financial Service Pvt. Ltd. being the head of the team, your work in integrating and directing all the team efforts to complete the project on time is greatly appreciated.

I would also like to let you know that today morning Mr. Mark expressed immense happiness and pride when he was informed about the results of our current project. He has conveyed his congratulations to the whole team for the accomplishment of this tough assignment within a stringent time schedule. The continuous efforts put by you day in and day out has enabled the team to earn a profit and make a name for itself because it is the only team which has succeeded in doing so.

Owing to this grand success, the senior management has decided to gift our whole team a bonus and the permission to take three days off from work. Please convey this information and my appreciation to all your team members. I hope to see the same kind of dedicated work and incredible results from you and your team.

Happy vacation!

With warmest regards,

Chandler Perry

Head of the Department

Money Friend Financial Service Pvt. Ltd

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