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Follow up Thank You letter

Summary: You can make someone’s day by sending him or her follow up Thank You letters to let them know how much you liked their simple Thank You notes. You can mention that emotion which is filled in your heart after receiving their simple thank you note. The below mentioned sample Follow up Thank You letter can surely help you write a good follow up Thank You letter.

Mr Ben Gibson

145 Warwick Ave

CT United States

13h April, 2010

Dear Gibson,

Thank you so much for writing a lovely thank you note to me. I truly appreciate it and would like to cherish it forever as means a lot to me. Thank for being so concerned, thoughtful, and taking out time to specially write a note to me. I cannot express how good I feel to see your thanks note.

It is indeed a great feeling to know that you liked my gift and I am touched with this beautiful note of thanks. As always, you have again pampered me and shown immense care through this. Thanks again for your kind gesture and being there for me always whenever I needed you.

Thank you so much once again! Much appreciate it.

Mr Kevin Steele

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