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Thank You letter to a friend

Summary: A Friend thank you letter is written to tank a true friend for her valuable friendship. It is written to express how important her friendship is. Write those memories and time you have spend together and also tell them how much you miss those days now. How much your friend means to you should be better explained through this letter. It also explains why she is so special among other friends. You can follow this given below sample of friend thank you letter.


Rachel Thomas

234, Hill View Apartments


10th March, 2010.

Dear Rachel,

In today’s world it is very difficult to get true friends who stay with us when we are in need of them and who we can completely count on. Even when we find such friends, it is very hard to keep them close to us. But you are the special angle sent by god as my friend and I will keep you safe with me forever.

However, today I would like to express thanks for being my true friend and creating that unique distinction in my life.

With best wishes,



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