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Sample Business Thank you Letter

Summary: If you really want to thank you’re Boss or colleague in a special way, do not forget to send him/her a special thank you note by you. This thank you letter will improve you business relations and future deals are depends on good relations. Following the below mentioned Sample business thank you letter you can impress your business partners.

Mr Peter Baker

345 Steller Road, Pastry Street

7th Avenue, Block- A

London, United Kingdom

10th April, 2010

Re: Thanking you for your gift

Dear Mr Baker,

I want to express my thanks to you for the lovely gift. I was truly touched by your thoughtfulness and concern for me. Please know that I always wanted to own a personalized stationery set which I could not buy due to some reasons. Thanks for your concern as you fulfilled my long cherished dream.

I would like to thank you again for making me feel special by gifting me such a lovely gift. I am delighted to receive it and must tell again that I have cherished your partnership with me and look forward to long association with you. Thank you for always being there with me at all times.

Thank you again!

Mr Stewart.

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