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Donation Thanks Letter

Working for a noble cause is like worshiping the Almighty and thanking a person who contributed in the noble cause is thanking God. When you write a letter to thank someone it should show that you are grateful for his support.

Here is a sample donation thanks letter:

20th April, 2010

Martha Jacob,

26, Church Lane,


Dear Mrs. Jacob,

I thank you on behalf of little angels for your generous gift of 1000 Euro. Your commitment to helping the special children in our community is sincerely appreciated.

With the help of people like you Little Angles has been able to provide the better living conditions and good education and training to many children who are special and god’s beautiful gift to mother earth. We are just trying to train these children with the basic skills and with some special skill so that they can sustain their lives in a better fashion and will be appreciated and accepted by the society.

Your contribution has strengthened our will of helping them. I request you to come and visit our center to see our working and to give your suggestions so that we will improve our methodologies if needed.

Our center head Sister Rosy is always there to take you for the tour of the nursery and is always ready to answer all your queries.

Thanks again for your generous support of our efforts to give a better life to the special children who greatly need and truly deserve our attention and care.

Best wishes,


Simon Li

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