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Thank you Letter Template

Summary: Thank your friends/family/colleagues for the gifts they have given on special occasions by sending them a personalized email. If you do not know how to write this thank you, letter then follow this below mentioned template and make them, feel great.

Recipient’s name: Alex Tyas

[Recipient’s full designation in case it is official]

[18 Brown Street, GORDON NSW 2072

[September 12, 2010]

Dear Alex (In case of Personal)/ Dear Mr Tyas (In case of Surname),

(Thank you for the gift! I loved it. I always wanted to buy it (describe gift), however, could buy it myself. Thank you again for such a lovely gift. The gift is extremely useful and good to look at too. The gift is perfect as it is helping me a lot (talk about gift’s uses and how you like would to use it or using it). I really appreciate your choice and love the gift completely. (Describe more on what you liked)

Thank you for giving me such a wonderful gift and being so thoughtful. I would always cherish your gift as it means a lot to me.

Thank you again!

Yours Faithfully,

[Tina Jackson]


Summary: Feeling good about the gift that you received from friends/family/colleagues and want to thank them in a special way? Appreciate their choice and thoughtfulness by writing a personal thank you email to them. You can do this by following the below template. Recipient’s name:

Nathalie Mazuret

[Recipient’s full designation in case it is official]

(10, rue Gontier-Patin

[September, 12, 2010]

Dear Nathalie (In case of Personal)/ Dear Ms Mazuret (In case of Surname),

(Thank you for the gift, I simply love it! I could never buy this gift and now I have it in my hands (Describe gift). All thanks to you! The gift has numerous features and is extremely beautiful. It is a perfect gift for me. (Talk about how are you using it and its unique uses and features) It was so sweet of you to gift me something like that, I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness. (Describe more on what you liked)

Thank you again for the lovely gift! It means a lot to me and I would cherish it always.

Yours Faithfully,

[Rita Joseph]


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