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Agreement Letter Format

This letter would be addressed by the parties, for instance Licensor & Licensee interested to enter in to agreement in any regards. Further this would specify the date of entering in to agreement or like deeds, legal expenses & related costs to be borne, and rules and regulations briefed up.


Mr. Kartik Shetty,

26 V. K. Road,

Dalaal Street,


2nd Sept’ 2010.

Subject: Format for Agreement Letter.

Dear Mr. Kartik;

In accordance with the subject, this agreement is proposed to be entered into on the stated date between and among with Mr. Sudesh Bhise (first proposer party), and Mr. Kartik Shetty (second party).

On the basis of legalized documents the introduction clause indicates the parties in the agreement and most importantly has to mention the current date of the project actually documented & notarized as the case maybe.

Further as per the agreement, the proposer or first party consents to make available the patented name & also make possible to abide by the provisions and carry out the requisite tasks. The second party here upon agrees to oblige with the proposer as per the deed entered into.

In addition, the concluding part shall contain the intention of the agreement & related clauses like any monetary contributions.

Lastly signing the agreement by both the parties & two or more witnesses will be governed in the court of law in case of disputes etc.

Signature of both parties.

Place: Mumbai.

Date: 10th Sept’ 2010.

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