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Apology Letter to Customer

Name of the customer,


City, state, zip.

Dear (name of the customer),

I apologize for the fact that you were given damaged product which you bought last week .It happened during the transportation of the product from storage facility to the shop. We understand that you bought this as a gift for your daughter’s birthday and you got a damaged product due which the entire surprise was spoiled. We really regret for the inconvenience and apologies for such a mistake.

We would like to compensate you and thank you for writing to us about it. I request you to please bring the product along with the receipt and present it to any of our shops.

Please bring this letter along with you, and you will be given a replacement of the product and also a free product of your choice as a compensation for the inconvenience, hope this action will help rebuild your relationship with our shop. You have been a wonderful customer and we hope you forgive us for this and maintain future business relationship.

Once again I would like to apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.




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