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Apology Letter for Stealing

As the name suggests the word steal revolves around the criminal world for the beginners. For the ones who awake their consciousness before odd times, can take a help to regret for the same & rather make a firm promise or like with self to stay away from negative vibrations. This would indicate the purpose with intention to express repentant & assure to be briefed up.

Mr. Narayan Shetty.

Accounts Department.


Powai Lake Road.

7th Sept’ 2010.

Subject: Apology letter for stealing the residual stock from godown.

Dear Shetty Sir;

Sir, with great self consciousness & bringing together all the strength to write & express this one at the earliest not to just to express for the sake to regret but beyond everything to thank for having made me realized the indecent incident.

Without making an attempt to remind you or also to even make you responsive for my licentious behavior.

Sir, my unfateful pressure for the said malicious event is actually a punishable offence; but your gracious & generous nature & personality to forgive & give me a chance to improve & realize into positive vibrations & live a sin free life even in odd times. Assuring further to walk on the path enlightened by you forever in all the walks of life.

Thanking You.


Abhijit Purohit.

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