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Apology or Sorry Love Letter

In this world no one is perfect, hence every one at any point of time they made mistake. It is necessary that when you make mistake you accept it and make an apology for it. When you are making an apology writing an apology or sorry letter for that person would be a best idea. While writing sorry letter be careful about you would not being harsh in terms of language, make it simple and brief. Try to reassure the reader’s confidence in you by stating that you won’t repeat the same mistake in future.

Ms. Gracie K. Thompson

2332 Pearcy Avenue

Decatur, IN 46733

03 September, 2010.


Dear, Gracie

When we love someone it’s our responsibility to take care of her and make sure that we would not hurt her in any situation. I made a promise to you that we will go for watching a movie on this weekend but due to certain office work load I had to be there at my office even on weekend. I know when you make any program and don’t make up to it then it really hurts. But please try to understand my situation it was sudden requirement from my job and hence I really could do anything. If I disobeyed my boss that I would not do extra work on weekend then he could have fired me. I hope you will understand my problem and try to forgive me. I will make sure that this won’t happen in future from my side.

Yours Lovingly,

Mildred B. Smith

3363 Hill View Avenue

Decatur, IN 46738

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