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Complain to the Organization Letter

A complain letter to an organization is usually written to express one’s heartfelt disgruntlement at the service extended by them especially if the individual has already paid them in advance for the service. Through this letter, the individual can not only express his/her grievance but also ask for a refund for unsatisfactory deliverance of service or seek assistance from external agencies like consumer-forum to redress their grievance.

Here are some helpful tips to pen a Complain to the Organization Letter :

  1. Start by mentioning about service requested for. Mention time lapse in which there ahs been no progress as promised by the organization.
  2. Briefly explain reasons for your dissatisfaction.
  3. Mention damage/loss incurred by you due to this unsatisfactory service.
  4. Mention how you want the organization to make up and end by mentioning about drastic steps you will be forced to take if the organization fails to heed to your requests.

Complain to the Organization Letter Sample



Cash Patt

#28, Westend Heights



Nathanial Brown


Symphony School of Music



Dear Mr. Brown,


I had enrolled my daughter; Maria Brown aged 13 years for Keyboard classes in your music academy on 04July2013. It has been three months now, but she has barely progressed ahead of the second lesson taught on 24July2013 by Miss. Shelly.

This has demoralized my child who does not want to learn keyboard anymore. When I personally enquired about the same, I was told that she needs more practice to move ahead since the lessons will get tougher hereon. Her classmate who has joined another academy for keyboard has already prepared a stand-alone piece in these three months.

My daughter also complains that the teacher asks her to practice and gets busy with her piano practice. I have waited patiently for long but I now request you to intervene personally and progress my daughter’s lessons failing which I will be forced to discontinue her classes in your academy.

Cash Patt

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