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Formal Complaint Letter

At many times there are complaints that need to be put in writing. Complaint letters are an effective way of expressing your dissatisfaction with a product or service. They give a clear picture of your problem. While writing a complaint letter always remember to include all the details of transaction in the letter. Describe your problem in detail and the step that you have taken from your side to resolve it. Don’t forget to thank the reader in the end as it will give him an impression of request and appreciation.

Here is a sample formal complaint letter:


Fatima Adam

P45, Regal Apartments



Mr. Abraham Khan

Customer Service Manager

Alpha Zip Electronics


19th April, 2010.

Ref: Formal Complaint Letter

Dear Mr. Khan,

I am writing to issue a complaint regarding a recent product purchase. On 12th April, 2010 I purchased a Juicer Mixer Grinder with a serial no. 194582 and product model no. is D3906 from one of your outlets for the amount of $130.

The product is not working properly. The grinder blades are blunt and while running the mixer the machine becomes very hot in few seconds. One of the juicer attachments was broken. I complaint three time at your customer service center but no action has been taken till date.

I called at your customer service center for three times but so far did not get any solution of my problem. Though I shop many times from your outlets but never faced this kind of trouble ever.

I request you to kindly look into the matter and resolve my problem as early as possible. Enclosed is the copy of the bill and my complaint no. is 25632.

Thank You,


Fatima Adam

Encl: 1. Copy of the Bill

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