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Dear name,

Dear Sir,

I am aware that I am late on my payment this month by a week but that doesn’t mean that your collection department should harass me. I have received 5 telephone calls and several letters explaining about delay in payment. I agree that because of certain unforeseen situation I was not able to pay my last month’s bill. But if you check the records you can make out that I am a customer who has paid the bills regularly from last one year.

I understand that according to the company policy your collection division should make calls but that doesn’t mean they can call my office and discuss the matter to whoever picks up the phone. They also called some of my relatives and enquired about me. Its very disturbing for them and also its an harassment to me. There are days when I received calls after 10:00pm. I have informed clearly to the collection representative that I will be sending the payment next week but still I get this call every single day.

This is the last time I am informing you that I will be making the payment next week and requests you to look into the matter and stop calling me and my relatives. If I get further any calls or any letters pertaining to this you will have to talk to my attorney.

Yours sincerely

Your name.

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