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Birth Congratulations Letter

This is a congratulations letter birth. The language used in the congratulations letter should be positive one. The letter must have a good content in it. The topic for which letters are written should be mentioned properly in the letter. Thanks giving should be mentioned at the end of the letter.


Andrew Symonds,


ABC lane,


(Subject)- Congratulations letter birth.

Dear friend Tom,

Today I am glad to inform you about the birth of a baby girl in your house. Two days before I came to know about this news. I am really happy for you. I came to know that the mother and the child are both well. But you still need to take care of them. This can be said as a new beginning of your life. Being a father is a lifetime cherished dream but at the same time there are lot of responsibilities . You should give time to your family now. You should cut down some pressure of your work to look after your family.

Now you and your wife are now alone, a new responsibility is with you now. You need to plan about the future of your new born. There are various difficulties in the up bringing of a baby. Thus you should understand things and try to bring a better future for your baby. I wish to god that he blesses your child.

Your’s affectionately,

Peter Alberto.

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