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Birthday Congratulations Letter

This is a birthday congratulations letter. The letters of congratulations are written to give best wishes to someone for some occasion. The occasions are generally happy occasions. The congratulations letter should be written in such a way that it should create a impact on the reader. The language should be soft.


Mike Samuelson,


New town,


(Subject)- Birthday congratulations letter.

Dear friend Mike,

Hope this letter of mine sees you in good health and cheer as the same attends me here. I hope you will be fine. Next week is your birthday. It is your 18 birthday. Well I wish you happy birthday in quite advance. I am really sorry to inform you that it will be highly possible for me to attend your birthday. I was diagnosed with malaria yesterday. Medical treatment is given to me. But soon I will be admitted to the hospital as I have a lot of temperature.

There is nothing much to worry for. But I am not in a condition to go anywhere. I am now suffering from fever, weakness, and doctor as said to take complete bed rest. I will miss all the fun that we would have had there and specially I will miss you. I hearty congratulate you for your birthday. Take care and enjoy your birthday. I will soon come to meet you.

Best wishes,

Steve Walker.

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