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Congratulations Letter

Learn how to write Congratulations Letter. You can use this sample Congratulations Letter format directly as well.

Dear Name,

Congratulations for completing 10 years successfully in ____________ Company. It’s been wonderful working with you and your contribution and commitment to work is commendable. In past 10 years you have been promoted thrice, which shows your hard work and dedication towards work. The company and the department are thankful for having you. It’s because your hard work and loyalty and dedication that the department has always stood ahead in sales. It’s as per your ideas and suggestions to others that we have a good cafeteria and cab services to all our employees in our company.

You have been an inspiration to all the team members, and we appreciate your selfless service for so many years. Your work has bought many laurels to the company, and it’s your hard work, which has given you and the company success on many projects. To show our appreciation ___________ company is sending you and your family to a trip to ___________.

Keep up the good work and we wish you success in the years to come.


Your name.

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