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Congratulations for Selection in Armed Forces

Dear Name,

Please accept my heartiest congratulation on your selection in armed forces. This new responsibility will give you immense power as grow as the responsible and disciplined person. I am sure you will utilize your power in growing further and achieving success.

I am happy for your achievement and you truly deserve it as you have really worked hard from past couple of years for this. I know that you had a dream to become a fighter pilot and you always strived to achieve success in whatever you did. It was amazing to see you prepare for the physical and written test and it’s your dedication and commitment to your practices that led to this success. I was always aware of your discipline and courage and the zeal to do something for the country.

I am sure your family and parents must be very happy for you and will be a good support for you. Now that you have still time to join the training you can spend time with them and shower your affection to them. I am sure when you pass out of the training you would be one of the best cadets the country can have, and you will make the country and your superiors proud.

Congratulations once again and all the best for your future.


Your Name

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