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Congratulations Letter Template

For any occasion whether it is marriage, birth, promotion, success, admission, or achievement we use a word congratulations to express our happiness for that respective occasion. If it is not possible for us to greet the man personally then we take help of written mode of communication that is we write a congratulation letter for that person. This should state senders as well as receivers name and address along with reason behind congratulating that person.

Receivers Name

Receivers Address

Receivers Contact Details



Salutation along with his/her name

Main Body of the Letter should content the reason behind writing this congratulations letter. The way of writing these kinds of letters should be polite, warm and simple. Try to avoid hard word and use sweet words instead of them. Congratulations letter whether written for personal or professional purpose it should reflect that you are happy on the occasion and expressing you feelings through this letter. All these should be taken into consideration while writing main Para of the congratulation letter.

Closing of the letter should be done by giving appropriate reason behind writing this letter and the reason why you are not personally meeting the person on this occasion. Convince the reader through your writing or by stating importance of your reason and justify your feelings for him/her. Tell him/her that you will soon meet him/her. After closing of the letter is done write the following things.

Thanking You

Yours truly or Yours Sincerely

Your name

Your Address

Your Contact Details

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