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Congratulations Letter For a New Office

Dear Name,

Congratulations on opening a new office. I am really amazed by the infrastructure. The office is the depiction of your personality. It really shows your commitment and dedication with which your business is growing. Though it’s far from your house it’s good to see you own an office of your own.

It’s fantastically designed and I can feel how nicely you thought of every ones comfort from a peon to a manager. I like the conference room and the dining hall and the cafeteria. We wish you continued success in business and hope you open many more of such offices.

It’s because of your dedication that you could open another store in a span of six months. This shows how well you care for the customers and keep your customers happy. I hear from other sources also that the product sold at you store is very authentic and something can be relied on .I feel proud when I hear that I believe that you honesty and loyalty will make you grow further.


Your Name.

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