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Congratulations Letter on Magazine Anniversary

This is a congratulations letter on magazine anniversary. The congratulations letters are basically written to congratulate someone for some or the other reason. The congratulations letter can be a formal one or an informal one. Thus the content of the congratulations letter should be written properly.


James Robins,

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45- raod,

XYZ- street,


(Subject)- Congratulations letter on magazine anniversary.

Dear James,

I am very happy today to here the news that your magazine has completed twenty five years. Hereby I am writing this letter to you to congratulate you on this achievement. We are very glad to hear that your magazine has reached to this position. I still know the day when you cherished first time to set up a magazine in front of me. I also remember that day when you actually started the magazine. I was your lifetime dream.

This only could be achieved by your hardwork and talent. The credit for all this also goes to your working staff who sometimes worked beyond the expectation of money for the magazine. We are really proud of you as you have the ability to make impossible to possible. You almost started with nothing and then reached to such a great achievement.

I hope your magazine performs even well in future. Congratulations to you once again.

Sincere wishes,

Ronald Smith.

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