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Congratulations Letter to a Friend

This is a congratulations letter to a friend. In these kinds of letters the tone should be polite and soft. Congratulations letters are generally given to give best wishes to someone. These kinds of letters can be formal or they can be informal in nature. Thus one should represent the congratulations letter in a effective way.


Smith Jones,


XYZ street,


(Subject)- Congratulations letter to a friend.

I am writing this letter to you today to congratulate you on your success. I came to know that you passed out from the Bombay university by securing a degree of Masters of Business Administration. I am very happy to see your success. It is a real achievement to get through this course. I am congratulating you from the bottom of my heart.

You have been a scholar and sincere student from the very beginning. You always wanted to become something. You always cherished the dream to become a successful person. By looking at you we also used to get the encouragement to study. You were focussed on your career right from the beginning and always wanted to achieve something in life. You even studied hard and sincerely. Today your this efforts and hard work has paid off. Today you have become a MBA. I am proud of you. May good bless you with lots of happiness in near future.

Your’s sincerely,

Tom Lara.

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