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New Baby Congratulations Letter

This is a new baby congratulations letter. In various congratulations letter the presentation of the letter should be made good. The content of the letter should be through the point. The reader of the letter should be addressed properly in the letter. Thus the letter should create a good impact on the reader of the letter.


Ronald Smiths,


Smart Street,


(Subject)- New baby congratulations letter.

Dear friend Ronald,

I heard the good news and I was really very delighted by this news. I am very happy for you that you have become a father. I want to convey my hearty congratulations to you regarding your new baby. It is really a good thing that a baby boy has taken birth in your house. I know your joy will have no bonds. But now you have many challenges to face for the up bringing of the child.

It is really good to know that your wife and your son is not having any complication regarding their health. You too now need to take care of their health for a couple of months. Give proper medicines and vaccinations to your child as the new borns are at a threat of being getting many diseases. I pray to god that he blesses your child and gives him a good and bright future.

Your’s affectionately,

Tom Riddle.

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