Training Internship Cover Letter

A qualified lawyer is much in demand like any other person. This letter is from one person who though, is without experience, has all the potential and makings of a good lawyer.

Here is a sample lawyer job cover letter:


Raymond Dales
House #127,

Park Street,



Mr. George Anderson

Anderson and Sons Solicitors,

Anderson Building,


20th June 2010

Dear Sir,

I am applying for the post of trainee Lawyer in your Law Firm. I have completed my law studies last month. I am now seeking to work with and train under your prestigious law firm. I have completed my law degree from the Dales Law School and have specialized in criminal law.

I am well aware of the work and reputation of your firm in this area. I would like to state that I am a hard working and dedicated person. I am absolutely passionate about my work and working in the criminal law.

I am forwarding documents that contain my educational qualifications. I hope that they will be as per your needs and that you will kindly consider it.

Thanking you,


Raymond Dales

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