Denial Letter – Credit Denial Letter

Usually a credit given by the financial companies carries many terms and conditions making it difficult for a person to fulfill them all. In case they are not fulfilled the company denies the credit. It is thus traumatic, if ones credit is denied.

Here is a sample credit denial letter:


The Urban Cooperative Society Bank,

Elms Street,



Mr. Robert Stevenson

Mayfield Appt #20,


21st June, 2010

Ref: Credit denial

Dear Mr. Stevenson,

Your application dated 26th March for a loan of $20,000 has been received by our bank. But we regret to inform you that the loan has not been granted to you for specific reasons mentioned below:

1. Your residential proof certificate has not been attached with the documents.

2. You have not mentioned the number of persons dependent on your income.

3. Your present salary and emoluments are not sufficient to repay the required loan in the time period of 6 months.

We hope that this letter answers all your queries. If you need any further information, kindly contact our bank.

Thanking you,

Simon Smith

Head, Loan and Credit Deptt

The Urban Cooperative Society Bank

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