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Corporate Fundraising Letter

Corporate fundraising letters help the weaker class of official employees who can’t afford to run the household with a very low salary scale. The corporate class arranges events to raise funds for such employees. The letter is to invite big business men to help in these charity events.

Mr. Harry Holter
Vice President
Holter Group of Industries Pvt. Ltd

Dear Mr. Holter,

We have arranged an event for the interest of the office employees along with their families. This event is an important event for the employees who maintain their families with great difficulty. Every year our organization arranges this kind of an event which helps to raise funds for such employees who require financial help. You being the director of our organization have been an active contributor to help such needy people.

This letter is to invite you and many other entrepreneurs like you for this fundraising event. This event help the weaker group of employees along with their families in the corporate world. Along with this letter there is an invitation card enclosed in this envelope. According to the analysis we have reached a count of approximately 700 families who require a medical as well as a financial help from our institute. We have aimed to contribute a certain sum of fund on the whole for these families and we are sure we can do so.
Please do inform your presence so we can go ahead with the arrangements of the entire event.

Thanks & Regards,
Tina Selem.

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