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Football Fundraising Letter

A letter to encourage children who have a correct talent and don’t have a medium to show their brilliant talents in sports like football. This letter also helps to gather funds and use these funds for proper coaching and various requirements of these unpolished outrageous children.

August 4, 2010

Dear Friends,

Our football club is looking out for outrageous talents in slums and municipal school children who cannot afford expensive training institutes. ABC football club organizes different interschool football matches and looks up for the best.

These children are not only trained in football but are overall polished to come out with their talent. Their personality is worked upon and at the same time proper coaching is also given in every aspect. Our club is really doing quite well in bringing to light new talents but at the same time we do lack in funds for overall training of such talented boys and girls.

We all are trying to raise some funds to encourage these talents and to provide efficient training to our children. We have also organized a football match on 10th of August for general public and the tickets are easily available. You all can advertise your organization’s names in the form of banners. The tickets of the match are at the cost of Rs. 100/ and Rs. 50/. This amount will be gathered and will be used for the coaching of these sportsmen.

Please make it a point to come for this match. And you all can contact us if you are interested in sponsorship on our official phone number.

Thanks and Regards,

Jay Thakur.

(Chief ABC football club)

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