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Fundraising for Flood Relief Letter

Children helping the victims of natural calamities like floods write letters to collect funds in their interest. The collected funds are used by these children to help these victims. Students from college form groups and go to the places where these calamities have created a havoc to help these people.

August 1 2010.

Dear Students,

We all are very much aware that our college works for NGO’s and also contributes for flood hit areas or areas affected I n natural calamities. This time our unit is going to Vizag to help the neediest. This program is to provide them with clothes, food and also homes for people who are looking for shelter.

The camp will be leaving on eighth of this month and this relief program is for a week’s time so that it doesn’t affect the studies of our students. We have organized a fund raising program at our new assembly hall on seventh where most of the business entrepreneur’s will contribute for this relief fund.

Anybody interested in contributing for this can kindly go ahead for this relief program. Be kind enough and do the needful as possible.

Please assist us in helping the homeless.

Yours truly,

Jane D’silva


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