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Fundraising Letter

A Fundraising Letter is the one that is written to inform organizations or the community at large about a performance or program that is being organized, the proceeds of which will go to a charitable institution. Usually the performer or artist does not take her/his fees if the program is for fundraising purposes.

The purpose of a Fundraising Letter is to get voluntary contributions or exemptions from various organizations towards the activities involved in the program so that the expense is minimal and all the money goes for a good cause. The areas where voluntary exemptions can be done are:

  • No charge by the artist
  • No charge for the space/hall
  • Providing free drinks and snacks to all audience
  • No charge for ticket printing
  • Free valet parking service

Since a Fundraising Letter is a request for a cause, the tone of the letter should not sound demanding but should sound humble. All relevant details of the program should be included in the letter. It should also be communicated what benefits (non monetary) will the companies reap from this whole program. Careful use of adjectives should be done while writing the letter.


  • A Fundraising Letter should inform about all the relevant details of the program
  • It should also mention the benefits that the organization that is contributing towards the program will reap
  • It should give details of the cause for which the proceeds will be used
  • It is also better if there is a website address which the organizations can visit to confirm authenticity of the beneficiary body
  • The tone of the letter should sound humble and not authoritative because a favor is being asked for from the society at large
  • The adjectives to be used in the letter should be carefully chosen
  • Before the letter is given out please make sure that there are no grammatical errors



___________________ (Name of the charitable institution) is organizing a Grand Fete on account of _____________ (occasion) on _________, ________ and ___________ (dates) at ___________ (venue) at ____________ (time).

The tickets for the Fete are available at ______________ (details of outlets where tickets will be available).

For this Fete we are also coming up with a brochure called “MANNAT”. We urge you to please place your advertisements in the brochure as per rate list enclosed to show your support for the cause.

The proceeds from this Fete as well as the brochure will go to ____________ (name of NGO) that is dealing in ________________ (details of the work done by the NGO).

Hope to see you in large numbers and thanking you in anticipation.

Management Team

______________ (Name of the organization)


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